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Mission of The Republic of Serbia to the NATO
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27.10.2022 – Visit by Chair of NATO Military Committee


Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff, General Milan Mojsilović, has met in Belgrade today with Chair of the NATO Military Committee, Admiral Rob Bauer, who is paying an official visit to the Republic of Serbia.

The discussions at the meeting covered the current security situation in the region and worldwide and overall mutual relations, keeping the focus on the cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR.

During his first visit to Belgrade, Admiral Bauer has pointed out that the Republic of Serbia, being a regional leader particularly in the field of security, is an important partner for NATO, adding that the North Atlantic Alliance remains open for the level of cooperation chosen by Serbia. He has taken the opportunity to thank General Mojsilović for the close and professional cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and KFOR regarding the preservation of peace and security in Kosovo and Metohija.

Speaking of the situation in Kosovo and Metohija, General Mojsilović has pointed out that, in line with UNSC Resolution 1244 and all signed agreements, the Republic of Serbia considers KFOR as the only legitimate security actor in the province, from which it expects to provide security of the citizens and protect the Serbian national, cultural, historical and religious heritage.

Chief of the Serbian Armed Forces General Staff has pointed out that providing support to the development of the so-called "Kosovo Security Forces" by certain NATO countries, especially those having contingents within KFOR, is not in accordance with the signed international agreements and does not contribute to de-escalating the tensions and preserving peace in the territory of Kosovo and Metohija.

While assessing that the cooperation between the Serbian Armed Forces and NATO, maintained with the full respect of the policy of military neutrality pursued by the Republic of Serbia, is contributing to regional peace and stability building, it has been concluded that the cooperation mechanisms established in the framework of the Partnership for Peace Program ensure further development of the reached mutual relations.

Source: Serbian Armed Forces.

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